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Chamonix Treks - What to Eat


We get asked many times about food offered in Chamonix. And quite rightly so, it’s a very important element of your trekking holiday.

The enjoyment of eating local cuisine after a long hard day in the mountain is such an enjoyable part of the experience. You will be burning lots of calories each day so fuelling up during the day and when you get to each destination is essential and of course delicious!

One of the most important things in addition to fitness is your nutrition and hydration during the trek. Poor nutrition and hydration can severely affect your physical performance and it is important to get your nutrition and hydration right, you will be burning lots of calories and loosing essential fluid each day so it is imperative you carry the right kinds of food and enough water with you to avoid dehydration and malnutrition.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water before you sent off on each day’s trek so you are fully hydrated. A pack lunch can be bought from local supermarkets when staying in villages or from the accommodation if ordered the night of arrival. If you are not familiar with the kinds of food and drink that would be good when exerting yourself on a daily basis do some research beforehand and trial what works best for you.

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