Life has its ups and downs and 2020 has had more than its fair share of downs…So if what I believe is true – that everything is a balance - then better days are definitely on the way!

We are enjoying our first cold days of winter here in Chamonix because although the temperature is dropping the sun continues to shine. So far, we haven’t had any snowfall to write home about. The tops of the mountains are getting thicker and whiter with snow, but on the ground we are only being treated to Jack Frost leaving his marks on our car windows and his tell-tale signs of adventure throughout the woods.

Our national lockdown will be very gradually eased over the coming days and weeks. Today for an example local shops will be breathing a sigh of relief that they can once again open. And we are all looking forward to mid-December when national lockdown will be lifted (albeit with further rules in place). You can find out all about what is happening in France, Italy and Switzerland on our news section.

I guess through this bizarre year at least I am more grateful than ever for what I have and more understanding of this balance I believe in…Life’s journey inevitably brings setbacks and disappointment. It can’t all be positive 100% of the time. However, I honestly believe that from this we reach that tipping point of the scales where we come out the other side to new horizons and opportunities.

Above all I have learned that you can’t fully control the way your life will go, but whatever happens we need to steer it in the right way - ready for the negativity to pass. Here’s to the positives and to the future!