All is not lost. The world is not ending...

All that has changed is that we are in a self-imposed economic slowdown that has been created purely to save the lives of our most vulnerable people. Let’s think about this for a moment…

This is one of the most compassionate things our society has ever done.

To me, this is a remarkable and wonderful moment in our present which will soon be the history that we will teach our children.

Sure, lockdown is not what we want. I for one want to be hiking further than 1km away from my home! But I’m grateful to be able to do that and to share some photos of the mountains looking so beautiful in their spring “suits”.

We had some fantastic local news a couple of days ago - high up in the Alps, near the Aguile du Midi on Mont Blanc the wolves have returned! On the 8th April our local newspaper, Le Dauphine popup: yes published a video that had been captured of a lone wolf roaming the mountain, currently free from skiers, snow-shoers, bikers and hikers!

We are, behind the scenes, working hard with our supply chain to make sure that when it’s OK to travel again, we will be able to offer you some long awaited, well deserved freedom. We will be able to take you along the ancient Walkers Haute Route and loop the mighty Mont Blanc on the Tour du Mont Blanc

And until then, we will also keep in touch - and keep you in touch with the beautiful world that is waiting for us.

The sky has never looked clearer, the air is filled with the sound of birds and I for one will never tire of watching the tips of the mountain turn pink each evening at sunset.

It IS hard not being productive. It is worrying, not knowing when the lockdown will end but maybe it’s okay to not be our most productive selves right now?

What if we actually allow ourselves time to enjoy the Easter weekend? Whether you are religious or not, Easter is about solidarity, compassion and embracing change. And perhaps there’s actually more growth to be found in slowing down. In acceptance and embracing our world as it’s unfolding?

It’s out there, waiting for us, and it’s looking more beautiful than ever.