For the Love of the Mountains

The situation we have found ourselves in over the past 12 months has required us to be as resourceful as ever and has also made us focus the things that are most important to us. Being outdoors is an integral part of me, it’s the reason that Mont Blanc Treks came to be, back in 2010.

The events that have unfolded has been and still are an incredible challenge. It would be nice to think that the affect of Covid-19 has had on travel was the only thing that had been problematic for me and Mont Blanc Treks. The Pandemic has also brought a personal loss of my fabulous, loving parents in February 2021, this has been the hardest thing to bear. They just loved being here too.

In times of need, and there have been many, the outdoors is my go-to place, things always seem a little better & more bearable after a good walk in nature.

Despite these troubled times I feel optimistic for the future, being in the mountains and sharing my passion is my ‘raison d'être’. I know that there are so many folk out there who feel just the same as me.

So, here’s to life, love & adventure & let’s make the very best of what we can do, when we can do it! Just can’t wait to welcome you back in my beautiful part of the world!

Sara Wild