2021 has not begun in the way we'd hoped. In our hometown in Chamonix, France the ski lifts are shut, as are so are many businesses. And across the world the problems caused by Covid-19 are varied and wide.

Therefore, it’s not been easy to stay happy and hopeful this year, but I think it’s a necessity to keep trying; hope helps make a tough situation more bearable and allows us to remember things will get better. Hope keeps us moving forward and gives us the ability and the strength we need to bounce back.

We’ve been working hard to stay hopeful and hope that maybe the mantras we think about every day may help you?

7 ways to Stay Hopeful in Hard Times

  • Tell is how it is – expressing feelings and looking at things for what they are.
  • Hope appears in unusual places – we just have to keep looking.
  • Cultivate Optimism – the cup might as well be half full as half empty no?
  • Practice Gratitude – this helps me focus when I feel overwhelmed by the issues around us.
  • Go outside and look at nature – makes me feel better EVERY time.
  • Random acts of kindness – give it out to get it in.
  • Self-Care – A tough one I think, but it definitely helps me be more productive as well as hopeful.

And things ARE getting better: Locally the ski lifts have opened in our neighbouring town of Courmayeur; the numbers of people infected are down and have been steadily decreasing for some time. And across the globe, countries are rolling out the vaccines with unprecedented speed - and we are finding new drugs which control the virus, helping hospitals to treat the very poorly.

Governments are now assessing how they will aid their countries return to freedom, rather than working out how to close their borders and lock down their people - which is what was happening this time last year.


We have learned is that hope appears in unexpected places as we now have more clients from Europe than ever before. Staycations have become the new vacations for many people and we are so grateful to be welcoming trekkers from many EU countries to both our guided and non guided treks in the Alps and the Dolomites.


Last season was devastating for so many of our American and Australian/Kiwi clients and it was hard to keep our spirits up. But we are ready for trekking responsibly in 2021 – optimistic that at some point this year our Clients from further afield will know when they will be able to trek with us once again.

Trekking With Us

Although we are sad there is so much uncertainty, we are working hard to remain hopeful and help you keep your trekking dreams alive - for whenever you can travel.

With Love
Mont Blanc Treks