We are awaiting an announcement tomorrow, to understand more about the gradual lifting of the lockdown here in France. Once we have digested this, I will update you in the news section on our website.

Days are definitely “up and down” at the moment - whilst enjoying time with my family it is still very hard not to be “free”. One thing that has remained constant, thank goodness, is the weather. Gloriously cheerful mornings, with the crisp mountain air turning wonderfully warm before lunchtime.

I have posted a few photos this week about nature returning across the world and it is no different here. The birds are flourishing and their morning chorus is easier to hear as there is zero traffic (not that we have a problem with traffic in the mountains anyway!)

And what is most uplifting is watching the woodlands turn into veritable jungle, the rivers rise, and waterfalls begin to flow again with the gorgeous almost turquoise waters coming from the snow melt. And of course, the mountains - crisp clean and white at the top and bursting with a hundred shades of green lower down.

Here are just a few of the flowers I have seen on my daily walks, close to home. All of this is keeping me cheerful and I hope will do the same for you.

However, I can’t wait to get back out there, for real – as although I feel very grateful that I’m watching the mountains change from below, im still “watching” – and life is a lot more memorable when you’re not just sitting on the sideline!