Our top 10 tips on day bag essentials

Spring is in the air and it’s about this time of year that we start to talk to our clients about what they need to take on their trek. We are asked all sorts of questions and are very happy to answer them individually, but feedback has taught us that with packing – less is definitely more and with advice the more the better!

Today I will cover the absolute essentials that you need to pack in your day bag – our website has a great guide for more information. Next time, we will go over what to clothes to wear and carry with you.

Top 10 Essential Tips for Equipment in the Day Pack!

  1. A 2-litre water bottle (or bladder). These come in all shapes and sizes and it’s up to you which you prefer, but you definitely don’t want to be in the glorious sunshine – at altitude without a bottle of water!

  2. Sun Barriers – cream, glasses and/or a hat. We will be walking for much of the day and only you know what you need to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun – then you can ensure you enjoy being outside in in it!

  3. Medication – don’t forget to carry your essential med’s and add in some blister cream and plasters, water purifying tablets and lip salve.

  4. Documents – we trek across countries! Don’t forget your passport, insurance and money

  5. Munchies – We eat well on our tours, but not necessarily at every moment you could do with an energy boost. Dry fruit and nuts, energy bars – think ahead to what works for you

  6. Head torch – the last thing you want to be doing is wandering on mountain trails holding your mobile out for torch-light!

  7. Tools for the route: A pocket knife – Everyone has a Swiss army knife or equivalent knocking about – now is the time to use it! And if you are self-guiding, you certainly need a map, compass, altimeter and route notes

  8. Wash kit – You and your overnight bag will always be re-united but a small wash kit (hand sanitizer?) and fast drying towel can be useful to freshen up when you need to

  9. Dry sack/ liner – we hope you don’t use it, but they weigh nothing and literally save everything in the event of a downpour.

  10. Camera/phone – we know it’s all about living in the moment - but some of the sights you will encounter are “once-in-a-lifetimes” and surely worth recording too?

We are getting excited just recalling all of this – we hope you are too! Remember we are always here if you need advice. Here is to trekking 2019!