Walking in a Winter Wonderland

If you have never tried snowshoeing, you are likely to be surprised how easy this winter activity is! Walking with snowshoes allows you to enjoy the magic of the Alpine mountains once it's not possible to walk the hiking trails anymore.

Snowshoeing in the Alps & Dolomites has largely been a well-kept secret enjoyed by locals. However, since the pandemic shut down many ski- lifts, it’s become much more popular - and the fact that it is so accessible and you don’t need any specialist equipment (bar the snowshoes!) promises to see this trend continue.

Imagine the spectacle of beautiful white mountains, with the sun sparkling off the snowflakes and the trees heavy with their winter coats. And you crunching along in (what would otherwise be) "knee-high" snow, right inside this idyllic scene, enjoying the silence and the abundance of nature that remains in the wilderness of the mountains.

Since you aren’t relying on ski lifts, you can literally explore where you like and when you like. You can follow hiking trails or make fresh tracks of your own. There is no technique to master, you just need snow, snowshoes and a guide (or orientation for self-guided snowshoeing) and then you really can “just do it”!

Snowshoeing for Fitness

Snowshoeing is also a great way to exercise with snowshoers burning as many calories (or more depending on your vigour!) than walkers.

Snowshoeing Safety

It’s safe, so if you haven’t thought of the mountains in winter because you know you aren’t prepared to risk life and limb on the slopes, you may just have found a winter outdoor activity on the mountains

Snowshoeing for Fun

Honestly, there is nothing quite like floating across the gleaming snow of freshly-fallen powder, enjoying the peace and tranquillity that the mountains afford.

You obviously need to know the mountains – and that’s where we come in. We will provide you with the equipment and help you to get snowshoeing within minutes.

Tell us whether you want day, half-day or multi-day hikes and we will put together an itinerary for you. You decide if you want a guided snowshoe trek or all of the info’ and equipment you need for a self-guided walk in the winter mountains.

This is a fabulous way to enjoy walking in the mountains combined with being out in the snow. Try it this season - you definitely won’t regret it and you might just find your winter wonder.