And They are Off!

Our latest group of clients are now on their second day of the Tour du Mont Blanc. And what lovely group – all solo travellers and hailing from all over the globe.

This season it has been absolutely fabulous to welcome long-haul guests back on the hiking trails with us. Many of them new clients - thankful that America, Canada and Israel have opened up travel once again, and some who have stuck with us and changed treks multiple times during lockdowns to have finally arrived on their tour of Mont Blanc this week. Woop woop!

And after the disappointment of being unable to welcome any long-haul guests last year, we thankfully welcomed more European countries than usual, so it’s great that our guided treks now regularly welcome Clients from Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and many Nordic countries.

Tour du Mont Blanc 2nd August group 2021

Solo Trekking

This group is made up entirely of solo travellers, all with one common interest – getting out on the mountains again and enjoying a hiking holiday of a lifetime! Travelling solo on a hiking holiday certainly doesn't mean travelling alone. Our guided walking holidays are perfect for single travellers looking for an outdoor adventure in the company of like-minded people.

This group are being guided by Alex, who not only has a wealth of experience on the mountains, she also genuinely enjoys making sure that each and every Client is looked after. Every guest has a different story and background and reason for wanting to walk the tour du Mont Blanc and Alex is adept at working with each individual to come together for a great shared experience.

Above the Val Ferret on the way to the Refuge Bonatti

Weather on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Talk about changeable - this guided tour will likely see every type of weather that there is! Alex was very careful to ensure the group knew this before set-off and ran through the trek kit list that they may need.

Today has seen highly unusual weather for the Alps in August. It has been raining solidly since last night, which means at 2,300m+ on the Cols of the Tour du Mont Blanc our trekkers are likely to be walking in snow! High winds were also forecast - the combination of which can be dangerous if you aren’t properly guided and prepared.

And in the coming days there will be sunshine and heat, so this group are truly going to experience EVERYTHING the Alps have to offer!

An early start, Jim leaving the Refuge Bonatti

Accommodation on the Tour du Mont Blanc

The trekking holidays that we offer follow ancient, remote hiking trails - so our guests enjoy quiet, carefree walking holidays in nature. What this also means is that accommodation is limited – and nobody wants this to change because we don’t want the natural beauty of the mountains to be lessened in any way! When the trek descends into the valleys along the route we have more of a choice for our guests, but on the more remote areas, once we have filled thegood quality accommodation there is nothing else we can do!

We know the owners and operators of ALL the accommodation we use on each of our guided treks and have worked hard with our partners on the tour du Mont Blanc to ensure that COVID-19 standards are adhered to, even though each of the three countries works in different ways.

We also ensure that we book accommodation on the Tour du Mont Blanc well in advance, to make sure that you stay in only good quality refuges and hotels. This season, some of our usual partners couldn’t take bookings in advance, so this group are staying in different accommodation on two areas of the route. This has meant that the group have been able to have their forwarded luggage with them all but one night of the trek.

Mont Blanc from the Italian side

Future Treks of the Tour Du Mont Blanc

As you can see from our website, all our guided treks for the Alps and the Dolomites this year are now full. This is largely due to things returning quickly to normal once the season eventually began and large sections of the world being able to travel once again. We have been able to honour most of the treks of the TMB that people needed to postpone in 2020 as well as accommodate most of the new enquiries for this year.

Self-guided Treks are still available on some routes, but if you would like to ensure your guided trek in either the Alps or the Dolomites, you need to be looking at booking for 2022.

Get in touch if you have any questions about a future walking holiday in the mountains - and we will keep you updated on how our guided treks are doing on both the Walkers Haute Route and the Tour du Mont Blanc for the rest of the season.

Nearly at the Grand Col Ferret

Lunch at Bovine, Rosti's are just amazing!

Col du Balme and back into France