At 6pm during the late afternoon storms yesterday (6th August) flash floods caused a huge landslide in the Val Ferret killing at least 2 people, see here: & also The road will be closed for at least the next 5 days & it will be impossible for buses or taxi’s to access the valley beyond Entreves.

For those intending to take transport from Courmayeur & access the trail from Lavachey or Arnuva to the Grand Col Ferret into Switzerland this won't be possible. If your schedule allows you can trek on the TMB route via Refuge Bertoni & Refuge Bonatti but an additional day would be needed for this. The only option would be to take transport round to Switzerland & pick up the trail again from La Fouly. A taxi from Courmayeur would cost approx. 300 euros or alternately public transport from Courmayeur- Aosta- Orsieres- La Fouly at a cost of approx 35 euros per person.

Courmayeur to Aosta:

Aosta to Orsieres:

Then take a local bus from Orsieres to either La Fouly or Champex:

This is really shocking & was totally unpredictable but with the high temperatures, late afternoon storms & flash floods its hardly surprising.

Bovine route from Champex to Trient was also closed today due to landslides but this has now reopened.

Great care needs to be take at the moment with any afternoon thunderstorm risk, flash floods & landslides are a real possibility. Carry the correct equipment, keep a check on the weather forecast, depart early & get to your destination before any severe weather arrives.