We realise that when you are thinking ahead to what your first sweet taste of real freedom in quite some time - everything still seems very uncertain. We have been keeping you up to date with what life is like in the mountains right now on our blog and we will also be with you every step of the way (pardon the pun!) now that many of you are looking to book your special hiking trip.

The world is waiting for each country’s plan for opening up its borders. Locally, we will know definitively what security measures France and Switzerland will be making on the 2nd June. Italy has already made the decision to open its borders on the 3rd June and we are expecting the rest of Europe to adopt a widely uniform approach….We will keep you posted of all the changes on our news section.

We are poised to run our treks scheduled for July and are keeping our Clients informed of the latest developments individually. Our guides have already been deep into the mountains since our lockdown restrictions were eased and the hiking trails have honestly never looked more wildly rugged and inviting than now.

Trek Dates

We also have new dates for both our guided tours and our self guided walking holidays of the Tour du Mont Blanc and the wonderful Walkers Haute Route in August and September this year. We have opened up the new dates in response to your requests and in conjunction with our partners along the route, in order that we can all make the most of our precious “free time” in 2020.

Accommodation on the treks

There there is good news from our colleagues who run the hotels and refuges along our hiking trails. We have been in regular contact with them, to make sure that we are going to be able to guide & assist you with fabulous walking holidays post Covid-19 and they are currently looking at the logistics of how not if they can open back up to the public. The when is sometime in June.

With regards to accommodation – don’t worry! It is our job to organise all of this for you… All the hotels, guest houses and refuges are on the official route and our experience is that after trekking all day you will want to relax in comfort and eat a hearty local meal. You can rest assured that we have secured good quality, tried and tested accommodation, resting in 3 star hotels most of the time and will have ensured everything meets the new standards. On the nights when you could stay in a refuge, we have arrangements for private rooms

You also have the reassurance that you are booking your holiday directly with us and we will take care of you – from our flexible booking terms to your individual requirements. Please just phone or drop us a line if you have any questions.

We are all beginning to realise that the way we travel will change. Our quick getaways might not be quite so necessary, but we all also need a break from pressure and routine. So make your travel count. It’s not simply experiencing the unrivalled beauty of the mountains. It’s about traveling in a meaningful way; enjoying local customs, giving yourself the time you need to learn something along the trail, connecting with your fellow travellers and in doing so, helping the local economy.