Being prepared is the key to fully enjoying the experience, there is nothing worse than being out & about in the mountains & not having the correct kit.

For multi day treks you will need a range of good quality kit that will keep you cool in warm weather and dry if things get a little inclement for Tour du Mont Blanc & Walkers Haute Route multi day treks. This list is not exhaustive but feel that the majority of items listed will be essential to your comfort and enjoyment of the trek. If you require any further information or advise about the kit needed for individual treks please just get in touch.

Treks with bag transfer needn’t carry a change of clothes apart from the nights you are in mountain huts where as treks without bag transfer we recommend you travel as light a possible without leaving out any of the essentials listed below. If you have a bag transfer at a mid point don’t forget you can always replenish your kit at that point.

FOOTWEAR needs to be supportive and with a good grip. Boots are recommended, but there are currently some very good “approach shoes” available which can be more comfortable on hot summer days. Trainers are definitely NOT recommended. Paths can be stony, sometimes we encounter scree type terrain and it is not uncommon to be walking through snow and heavy rain even during the summer.

WATERPROOFS jacket & trousers are essential and need to be functional for the various conditions mentioned above. They need to be carried and so it is your preference as to their weight.

WARM CLOTHING is another requisite. You may not need it throughout the duration of the trek, but conditions can change quickly and you could easily be in desperate need of a hat and gloves at high altitude. You will be best off “layering” so that you can adjust the amount of insulation you require throughout the day.

A thermal, wicking base layer is recommended for comfort, ease of wear and ease of laundering.

Do I need walking poles?

Lightweight poles are readily available nowadays and are heavily recommended by us for trekking. They are particularly beneficial for downhill sections, which can be both tiring and wearing on the knees. They are also a benefit for keeping balance etc on other difficult sections.

Food & Drink: You will have to carry food & drink in addition to the things mentioned above. A pack lunch can be bought from local supermarkets when staying in villages or from the accommodation if ordered the night of arrival. It is important to get your nutrition right, as you will be burning lots of calories each day. It is essential you carry enough water with you so you don’t get dehydrated during the day. On some days it may be possible replenish your water at certain places but this is not always the case. Water purifying tablets are useful in case you run out of water and have to use a mountain stream.

Washing kit: The majority of the time you will be staying in good quality hotels therefore it is easy to wash and dry kit through before the next day. Hotels will provide towels and soap so if you carry a towel make sure its small as you will only require this for the nights when in mountain huts.

Packing your sack: It’s a good idea to have a trial at packing your rucksack beforehand to maximize space, check the weight & get rid of any un-needed items! When packing your sack make sure you pack anything not needed during the trekking day at the bottom and essential gear, food & water at the top. If you are not used to trekking with a heavier rucksack take it out with you when training during the months beforehand.

Take a look at the table of trekking gear below & if you have any additional questions please get in touch & ask for a copy of our ‘Packing List’ document for further information or take a look at our on our website.

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