Over the coming weeks we will be focusing our blog on 10 of the top frequently asked questions. What do people need to know before making the decision to come to this impressive environment and challenge themselves on one of our ‘Must do’ long distance trekking holidays, Tour du Mont Blanc & the Walkers Haute Route.

I will start with one of the basics questions:

When can you trek the Tour du Mont Blanc, Walkers Haute Route or Traverse of the Gran Paradiso & what will the weather be like?

In short for the Tour du Mont Blanc mid-June until late September & for the Walkers Haute Route & Traverse of the Gran Paradiso mid-July until late September.

The European Alps are in the Northern hemisphere so December to April we have lots of snow & the mountains that tower above Chamonix, Zermatt & Courmayeur are a reserved for snowshoeing, skiing, ski touring & winter mountaineering.

The snow starts to recede in the spring and the lower trails are accessible by May, if you are planning to arrive here at that time then it is possible to tailor make a series of Chamonix trails at lower altitude but the higher multi day routes are not accessible.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is possible from mid-June however you will come across a good deal of snow on the high cols & shaded slopes which makes the route difficult & potentially dangerous. If you are intending trekking at that time it is essential for you to carry the correct equipment with you, walking crampons, ice axe, walking poles. You also need the ability to move confidently on snow for large periods of time. The route tends to be snow free by early July however this can change each year & the amount of snow on the route depends on how much snow we have had during the winter & of course how warm spring has been. All accommodation & transport is open from Mid-June to the end of September.

The Walkers Haute Route & Traverse of the Gran Paradiso are different, both routes trek to a higher altitude up to & over 3000m so trekking isn’t advisable until mid-July. Both routes are doable until late September.

Weather-wise many clients ask what will it be like? In a word, changeable! This area of the Alps around Mont Blanc has its own micro-climate and during our trekking period we at MBT will experience all types of weather (sometimes in one day!) and it is not uncommon to have fresh snow on the trail in July & August. You need to be prepared and have the correct clothing and equipment to protect you in poor weather. You also need to be prepared for warm weather, with a high factor sunscreen, sunglasses and head shade for those scorching days with breath taking views.

Average valley temperatures for Chamonix at 1100m, allow for temperature drop for altitude gain as the Cols at 2500m will be significantly cooler.


Min +7°C / +9°C

Max +20°C /+24°C

August- September

Min +8°C / +6°C

Max +22°C /+18°C

Climate: http://www.weather-and-climate.com/average-monthly-Rainfall-Temperature-Sunshine,chamonix-mont-blanc,France

These are the website we use when guiding on the routes so remember to save then then to your favourites as checking the forecast daily is an essential activity when you are trekking in the mountains.

Weather for the Chamonix Valley & Tour du Mont Blanc: http://chamonix-meteo.com/chamonix-mont-blanc/weather/forecast/morning/5_days_weather_forecast.php

Weather for the Walkers Haute Route & Swiss section of the Tour du Mont BlancWeather: http://www.meteoswiss.admin.ch/home.html?tab=overview

If you need any additional information regarding the trekking season & weather for the Tour du Mont Blanc, Walkers Haute Route or Gran Paradiso please do not hesitate to get in touch on: info@montblanctreks.com

Find out more information on our Guided & Self guided treks see our website:

Tour du Mont Blanc: The Tour du Mont Blanc features in the world’s top ten 'must do' treks & it's not hard to understand why as this trek is outstanding with amazing views day after day.

Walkers Haute Route: The Walkers Haute Route also features as one of the worlds top ten treks & is approximately 180km in length, the route crosses 11 high mountain passes with 12,000m of ascent through France and Switzerland the Haute Route walk makes for a fabulous challenge.

Gran Paradiso & other treks we offer: Trekking through the Gran Paradiso trail is a must for all adventure lovers. With vivid colours, large ice masses and green meadows, the national park of Italy offers a fantastic glimpse of Europe’s true beauty.