Measures to deal with coronavirus outbreaks are in place across Europe.

We have all been dealing with Coronavirus for a very long time now. And although we might not want to talk about it anymore, we think it’s important that you are kept up-to-date with the coronavirus measures our corner of the world, so that those of you who have booked or are thinking of booking a walking holiday with us know what is happening.

Each country’s measures differ slightly, with most involving the reintroduction of restrictions that were lifted after initial lockdowns.

The good news is that the measures are being taken at the same time across Europe and include the United Kingdom. Each country has also reserved a large supply of the potential vaccines that are now passing viability tests.

European countries are all looking to the beginning of December to hear if the measures have been successful and whether vaccination programmes will make a difference to our way of living in the near future.

France Coronavirus Lockdown 2

France has taken a strict approach to curbing the virus and is under a second national lockdown until the 1st December, when new announcements will be made.

People can only leave home to go to work, buy essential goods, seek medical help or exercise for one hour a day. Anyone going outside must carry a written statement justifying their journey and all social gatherings are banned.

All non-essential shops, restaurants and bars are shut, but schools and creches remain open.

Italy Coronavirus Confinement Regulations

Italy has introduced a new three-tier framework or traffic light system with further nationwide restrictions also in force.

The red zones - areas with the most infections - have closed all bars, restaurants and most shops, including hairdressers and beauticians. Factories and essential services, including pharmacies and supermarkets, have remained open. The Aosta Valley is the closest region to us in Chamonix as it sits on the other side of Mont Blanc and it is currently a red zone.

In orange zones, restaurants and bars have closed, but hairdressers and beauty salons are open.
In green zones, restaurants and bars can stay open until 18:00, but museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms and swimming pools are closed, as in the rest of the country.

There is a nationwide curfew, gatherings for weddings, baptisms and funerals are banned, older school pupils have switched to remote learning and masks must be worn everywhere, except at home.

Switzerland Covid-19 Autumn lockdown

Switzerland has been increasing restrictions gradually since October. Masks are mandatory in public spaces including the workplace, schools and outside venues. Nightclubs are closed and although restaurants and cafes remain open for tables of 4 people max, they must close at 11pm.
Private gatherings are limited to 10 people and sporting and cultural events to 50 people.

Schools and creches are open but higher education institutions have reverted once again to online learning.

Other measures vary from region to region as the 26 cantons have autonomy on health matters. However, the Canton Geneva which is where most of our guests will fly into introduced a partial lockdown on November 2.

Travel is possible between Switzerland and the European Union, EFTA countries and the UK. Citizens and residents of non-Schengen countries, including the USA, can enter Switzerland only in exceptional cases. A list of non-Schengen countries not affected by this ban, including Ireland, Australia and New Zealand can be found here. Those who come to Switzerland from "high-risk" countries and regions must undergo a ten-day quarantine.

We are sending you all love and hope that everyone is waiting as impatiently as we now are for the next wonderful episode of “Life After lockdown!”

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding trekking in the mountains. We will ensure that we keep you posted on what it's like over here and here are some updated resources to help you make informed decisions about future travel plans.

We recommend your own government’s travel advisory service information for your destination country:

UK, the FCO Travel Advice
Ireland, the Department of Foreign Affairs
USA, the State Department Travel Advisory
Canada, use Travel Advice & Advisories
Australia, the Smart Traveller Information Service
New Zealand, it’s SafeTravel.

Further details of our how we are protecting you and your booking see here: Coronavirus Client Protection

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