The French government has announced that tourists coming to France this summer won't have to pay for PCR tests – a requirement for returning home to many countries.

France is one of the only countries to offer free PCR tests – which can cost up to €120 in Spain, £100 in the UK and €300 in Sweden – to residents for all purposes, including travel.

But now that is being extended to tourists who visit the country over the summer.

The French government hopes the free testing will make the country an attractive tourist destination, and will also allow it to welcome back tourists while staying safe.

Announcing the new policy, Europe Minister Clément Beaune told radio station Europe 1: “We need and we want to continue to be the first tourist destination in Europe and the world, in safe conditions.”

You can however obtain a PCR test at the hospital in Chamonix, without an appointment. Drop-in only, Monday-Friday between 14h-16h, results within 24 hours. The test for non-residents would usually be 70 euros but these charges are set to be waivered in time for summer. Normally the results are received by email that evening or the following day.

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If you need an Antigen test most Pharmacies can undertake this, receiving results in 15 minutes. Pharmacies in the Chamonix town centre are easily recognisable by an illuminated Green Cross.