The Tour du Mont Blanc is HOT for 2022!

This hiking trail high in the Alps circumnavigates the tallest mountain in Western Europe and is world famous. And after the past couple of difficult years due to COVID, Clients from all over the globe are more keen than ever to trek the Tour du Mont Blanc.

We have already put on extra dates, but all of our fully guided treks of the Tour of Mont Blanc have once again been filled for 2022. And places are fast filling up for 2023.

We aren’t putting on any more dates (you will see why below), but we have worked really hard with all of our partners to be able to offer you some “ready-made” self-guided treks for those of you that are confident mountain walkers and really want to tour Mont Blanc this summer…

Why not offer more dates for the TMB 2022?

We will not put on any more dates for guided tours of Mont Blanc– not because we don’t want to, but because we care. We care about providing our 5-star service, about the accommodation we use for our guests and obviously we care about your experience of walking this ancient mountain trail, which affords unrivalled views of the mighty Mont Blanc massif, as well as a diversity of mountain animals and plants.

There are some stretches of the Mont Blanc hiking trail where suitable accommodation is now too full. And although we sometimes compromise on sleeping high up on the mountain trails, this is at our clients request because they don’t have the level of fitness, or perhaps they are meeting family down on the valley floor overnight. A big part of the experience of the TMB is staying on the trail and sleeping in the mountain refuges, enjoying the freedom of being in the mountains, surrounded by its breath-taking beauty for the entirety of your mountain walking holiday and we don’t think we should compromise this.

"Ready to Trek" Tour du Mont Blanc Treks 2022

Instead, we have worked really hard with all of our partners to bring you a series of self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc Treks. We've secured dates throughout the summer so that we can be sure to offer clients who have the confidence and experience of trekking un-guided, the full beauty of the Tour of Mont Blanc, with all of the 5-star services you expect from Mont Blanc Treks including great food, great accommodation, bag transfers and of course full, detailed route cards which explain every step the way.

June TMB - £1,695 pp. 11 nights, 10 day trek

We have 3 arrival dates for your your self-guided Tour of Mont Blanc in June. The treks are 11 nights, 10 days walking and you can begin on either the 25th, 26th or 27th June 2022.

July TMB - £1,695 pp. 11 nights, 10 day trek

We have 4 arrival dates for your self-guided Tour of Mont Blanc in July. The treks are 11 night, 10 days trekking and you can begin on either the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th of July 2022.

August TMB - £1,775 pp. 12 nights, 10 day trek, free day in Courmayeur

If you’d like an extra day built into your walking holiday, with time to relax and explore the wonderful Courmayeur in Italy then come and trek in August. We have 2 dates for you to choose from in August. 12 nights accommodation, with a day’s rest during the 10-day trek and you can begin on either the 1st or the 22nd August 2022.

September TMB - £1,695 pp. 11 nights, 10 day trek

September is a great time to Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc and we have 5 dates for you to choose from, 11 nights accommodation, 10 day trek and you can arrive on either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th September 2022.

If you are thinking of hiking the TMB on different dates, please get in touch and we will let you know your options. It IS still possible to choose your date as long as you are able to avoid some peak times.

In fact, if you have any questions about walking holidays in 2022 drop us an email or give us a call - no question is too much trouble.