In order for you to have the very best experience we think it is essential to book good quality accommodation, this has become increasingly difficult due to availability issues and we do not wish to compromise the high standard of our provision. Therefore, due to the popularity of the treks we offer and the difficulty obtaining good quality accommodation we have decided not to take any further bookings for summer 2023.

However, we do have the following pre-booked treks available:

  • 20th June: Alta Via 1, Dolomites: Similar itinerary to our standard trek, see here. Recently booked and not available

  • 1st September: Full TMB as per our standard itinerary, see here. Recently booked and not available

We might have cancellations as we move into spring, please keep an eye on our news and Dates & Prices page.

We are now taking bookings for season 2024, please get in touch for further information.