Nature is so beautiful, so calming and so inspiring….It’s hard to believe as I walk through the autumn leaves (encouraging the children to kick up the leaves so that I can join in too!) that we are once again having to live in confinement.

Autumn is beautiful in the Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley and we are so thankful for that. I thought you might like to see how the valley is a magical place, no matter what the season – and no matter what circumstances we are living in.

We only get one hour a day outdoors at the moment (have a look on our news section for the latest update) The weather has been very kind and it is not yet below zero, so it's easy to get out and about in nature. And once we've enjoyed the outside there is still much to appreciate either not far from home or on our balcony...

The trees are absolutely glorious and a riot of colour this time of year. And you definitely don’t need to be on the mountains to appreciate them. One of my favourite pastimes is to look to the mountains each day to see if the snow line has crept any further down. It’s fabulous to see the greens and reds on the valley floor stop abruptly to be replaced by a thin white cloak of snow.

At any time of the year we get fantastic sunsets casting beautiful colours across the snow peaks inside and out there is still so much to appreciate. And although the nights are longer this means we spend more time admiring the mountains and stars in the moonlight either through the window sat next to the fire or outside on the balcony.

I think that it’s these little moments that make life big, and as we get ready to say goodbye to this colourful season and move into the cold crisp white and greys of the next, I guess that this year it is even more important to keep that in mind.