There are years that ask questions and years that answer?

Zora Neal Hurston

I don?t think anybody can deny that 2020 is turning out to be a year of question, after question, after question. New events keep emerging, that I hope will continue to allow us collectively to question so that we can all work together on better answers...

Lockdown ? the Final Phase

Locally, we are all thoroughly enjoying having the answers on a practical level, regarding deconfinement. As with our close European neighbours, slow and steady progress is being continually made in France to open everything back up. Tonight, at 8pm President Macron will make a television announcement about the third and final phase of carefully exiting the Covid-19 lockdown.

I will write a news update afterwards, so that you can have the latest information. However, we already know that the last things that remain closed for the moment are due to open on the 22nd. No change is expected to this, as no spikes have been seen in phase 2 of the coronavirus restrictions being eased. What will be interesting however, is to hear exactly what the government has decided about travel. We are free to travel anywhere in France and bookings for summer holidays have begun, but we now need to know what will happen internationally.


In Chamonix the weather hasn?t been all blue skies and sunshine this week, which has been a bit of a shock to be honest as I?ve got way too used to this over the last few months! However, it has made us re-visit some of the outstanding areas of beauty that are even closer-to-home than the hiking trails. Many children are now back at school, so we have had the lakes, waterfalls and beaches pretty much to ourselves!

Guided Treks Summer 2020

Now that many of us are lucky enough to feel more certain about being able to enjoy some freedom this summer, we have opened up new guided trek dates in order to meet the demand for last minute bookings of the Tour du Mont Blanc and the Walkers Haute Route.

We have also arranged some shorter guided treks in and around the Chamonix Valley. These are perfect for people who may not have trekked on a walking holiday before and for families who want to ensure the needs of each of the family are met. We can create flexible holidays completely around your needs, as there are so many great trail options in this area - so get in touch if you?d like to discuss. For more information on trekking with children have a read of our blog.

Self Guided Treks Summer 2020

Many people who had planned to navigate the trails themselves are now choosing to book self-guided treks instead. We understand that this season it is sensible to have the extra security of a flexible cancellation policy with us, rather than running the risk of multiple bookings with many independent hostels/refuges and travel companies.

If you talk to us about the type of walking holiday you envisaged, we can work with you to ensure you get what you expect. Dates are completely flexible as are the length of our self-guided walking tours.

  • The Tour of Mont Blanc and the Walkers Haute Route popup: can be fabulous self-guided and at the moment it?s possible for us to book these tours on the majority of dates this summer.
  • The Vanoise National Park and Gran Paradiso nature reserve have been open since the beginning of the month and the high passes will be suitable to hike anytime soon, as will the Tour de Monte Rosa.
  • The only area that you can?t hike before mid July is the Dolomites, so check with us if you were planning on hiking the Alta Via 1 before then.

Contact us for advice on the best dates to travel on all of these self-guided walking holidays, with regards to latest trail conditions, snow cover and weather.

Cancellation & Covid-19 Regulations

We have introduced flexible cancellation policies for any bookings you want to make for this season as we are under no illusions - we are still in very uncertain times. We are also working with all accommodation and food providers to ensure that new regulations will all be in place and taken are of before you arrive.

A final Thought

I?ve been doing a lot of thinking this week - so much has changed in 2020 and so many questions quite rightly, can?t be answered right now. However, on a personal level I have at least realised that whatever future I?ve had to let go of, simply wasn?t for me. And in doing this I feel like I have opened up space to say ?yes? to all the wonderful things that are meant to be in my life. I hope this resonates and that you are able to feel some freedom in 2020 too...