Even before the pandemic our commitment has always been to provide safe, tailored environmentally considerate hiking experiences which make a life-enriching impact on our Clients.

When we ran our treks in 2020 we worked hard to implement new sanitization practices, booking terms and behaviour guidelines, that preserved the core nature of the freedom of trekking in the mountains, while increasing safety and reducing risk.

As a result of our measures, we managed to run very successful treks for guests in very difficult circumstances without a single verified or even suspected case of COVID-19 transmission. The fact that we operate all our treks from a local base in the mountains definitely helped, as we were able to deal with localised issues in person as and when they occurred.

Therefore, due to the success of these guidelines and the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19, we will continue the 2020 protocols, with some updates that we learned would be useful last year - for as long as necessary to protect you.

We are lucky that trekking is by its very nature a “low risk” activity – outdoors, breathing mountain air and walking on mountain passes that cannot be crowded!

“Trekking can be a low-risk activity for transmission of COVID-19 because it takes place in well-ventilated areas, involves little to no gear, is typically done in small groups, is easy to practice while maintaining social distance, is not technical, and does not require close supervision.” – Adventure Travel Trade Association

Food and Drink on your Trek

Our partners who provide food were already home-cooking, with short supply chains and daily specials rather than long menus. We sampled their changes last year to comply to our necessary safety standards and are very comfortable to continue to offer mealtimes with our selected refuges, restaurants and hotels.

Accommodation on your Hiking Holiday

The accommodation that we use has always been hand-picked by us each year. We personally know every one of them and are proud of the efforts that they have made to ensure you can relax after a full day’s hike, at your leisure, with nothing to worry about but getting a good night’s sleep ready for the next section of your hiking holiday.

Each refuge and hotel we are working with was either open last year and worked with us, or has put in robust procedures to ensure that you won’t need to think about your safety - it’s already taken care of.

Trekking Dates 2021

We are running treks across the Alps and the Dolomites this year. Have a look at our website for dates and prices. We took the decision to cancel treks in June, but from July into the early Autumn you can either join one of our small guided trek groups, choose to self-guide trek or arrange a completely bespoke hiking adventure for your loved ones.

Get in touch if you would like our help directly. Alternatively our news and blogs will keep you regularly updated with all the latest developments.