During the summer the mountains are alive with an abundance of flora of un-imaginable proportions. On the Tour du Mont Blanc alone we recorded approximately 50 different types of alpine flowers but there are many more.

The best time to view this splendour is early season, end of June to mid-July depending of course on snow conditions. Late snow means late flowers & this year was no exception, this has meant that you can still see an array of beautiful flora in the shaded spots & higher altitudes.

This said that doesn’t mean that the mountains are devoid of flowers later in the season, not true, there are just different species around and a few less of them.

This July I ventured out in the Swiss mountains to recce a new route for 2024, the Tour of The Jungfrau Region or TJR, more about that trek in my next blog. Whilst out in the hills I took the opportunity to take a few pics of what I saw along the way.

Here is a taste on what was on offer during the past few weeks...

Clockwise: Rock Jasmine, Yellow Pasqueflower, Bladder Campion, Spring Gentian
Clockwise: Alpine Toadflax, Narcissus-flowered Anemone, Rosa Davidii, Great Masterwort
Clockwise: Scabious, Grass of Parnassus, Edelweiss, Arnica
Clockwise: Alpine Rose, Swiss Treacle Mustard, Scheuchzer's Rampion, Alpine Clover, Wood Crane's-bill

I have many books on Alpine Flora, my favourite is that published by the Swiss Alpine Club called 'Our Alpine Flora', it is the most comprehensive guide that I have found, its a bit too big & heavy for the rucksack but I often take phoros & identify them later when I get home. However; these days a flower identifyer App is an instant way of identifying flora whilst on the trail. Either way its another joyful aspect of trekking in these beautiful mountains.

If you have any unsual finds whilst out on the trails let us know, send if your photos to info@montblanctreks.com