We are going to have a very late start to the season trekking the Tour of Mont Blanc this year because of the timescales of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. However, this might not be a bad thing considering the amount of snow at the moment!

It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining in Chamonix for weeks. And we know that what that means is there is a ton of powder up on the mountains! So, we thought that it was time for a couple of day hikes to look at the hiking trail conditions on the Tour du Mont Blanc!

Suffice to say, we are not too disheartened that we couldn’t bring clients here early on this season! The French Alps have experienced a huge amount of snowfall in the last couple of weeks and although Chamonix remains snow free (it’s just been constant rain), up higher there is very heavy snowfall.

Take a look at the photo of Brevent today and you will see what I mean!

We have seen this before and we have taken clients trekking in the snow in June plenty of times, but what we rely on between May and June is the warm weather bringing on a rapid thaw. This year, because we aren’t starting until July we won’t need to be contacting our clients to bring the extra kit needed for trekking in such heavy snow…

Below you can see the snow at Fouly with the Massif du Dolent in view.

Nevertheless, there are some places where typically snow is slower to clear and snow will generally be slowest on the north facing slopes, so we will continue to study carefully the snow spots along the route and keep you updated on the trail conditions across the Alps prior to our first Tour du Mont Blanc walking holiday in July.

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