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Walkers Haute Route - What to Eat

Local Cuisine on the Walkers Haute Route

A picture of food available on the Walkers Haute Route

We get asked many times about food offered on the Walkers Haute Route, And quite rightly so, it’s a very important element of your trekking holiday.

We get asked many times about food offered on the Walkers Haute Route. And quite rightly so, it’s a very important element of your trekking holiday.

The enjoyment of eating local cuisine after a long hard day in the mountain is such an enjoyable part of the experience. You will be burning lots of calories each day so fuelling up during the day and when you get to each destination is essential and of course delicious!

One of the most important things in addition to fitness is your nutrition and hydration during the trek. Poor nutrition and hydration can severely affect your physical performance and it is important to get your nutrition and hydration right, you will be burning lots of calories and loosing essential fluid each day so it is imperative you carry the right kinds of food and enough water with you to avoid dehydration and malnutrition.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water before you sent off on each day’s trek so you are fully hydrated. A pack lunch can be bought from local supermarkets when staying in villages or from the accommodation if ordered the night of arrival. If you are not familiar with the kinds of food and drink that would be good when exerting yourself on a daily basis do some research beforehand and trial what works best for you.

So, what is on offer and what is provided when clients have dietary requirements?

On all of our treks guided or self-guided breakfast will be provided each day, 3 course evening meal is also provided on all nights apart from your first and last night, please see individual trek information for further clarification.

When trekking on the Walkers Haute Route you will be trekking through 2 countries, France and Switzerland and each county has its own specialities. You will be in the mountains so it’s good calorific hearty food that is on offer, plenty of local cheeses, dried meats, bread and pastries, sweet pies made with local fruit and fresh salads. Local specialities tend to be Fondue - melted cheese with lots of tasty bits to dip in, Tartifalette - baked potatoes, cheese and bacon, Rostie - grated potato, cheese, meet and egg and of course delicious Pasta and Pizza in Italy.

Breakfast: This varies depending on accommodation, some locations are more basic than others. But you can expect at least cereal, milk, bread and jam. When staying in hotels they will offer a more substantial breakfast including yogurt, cheeses, cold meats, eggs and pastries.

Lunch: This is not included and you will need to purchase a picnic to carry with you each day. This can be bought from local bakeries or supermarkets or when staying in more remote locations it can be ordered from the refuge on the night of arrival. Allow approx. 10 euros each day for your picnic. Make sure you take plenty with you, don’t reply on stopping for lunch en-route although on some days this will be possible it’s always good to have your own provisions in case the refuge or café is closed or very busy.

Evening meal: when on the trek, this is provided and will consist of 3 courses, typically you will have soup or a salad for the starter, meat or vegetarian option for the main course and a dessert or cheese.

Dietary requirements: If you have any specific dietary requirements you must let us know at the time of booking and then we will inform each accommodation so they are prepared. It is advisable to remind them on arrival as they have many many guests each day and sometimes requests do get overlooked. The accommodations we use will do their best to accommodate specific requests however it is advisable if you are lactose or gluten free to carry additional food supplies, for example gluten free bread with you in your bag transfer so you can supplement the food provided if need be.

Drinks: Drinks with the evening meal are not included and we ask that all drinks bought at the accommodation are paid for at the time so we don’t have any additional bills to chase after you have departed.