Trekking in 2022

For everyone considering a hiking holiday in 2022, there are some considerations we’d like you to think about. Probably the most important of these is availability, but considering your route, your fitness level following the pandemic and the choices you make regarding living with COVID-19 are all important too.

Annapurna Circuit, Himalayas, Nepal

Walking Holidays 2022 – Availability

We are thrilled with the success of last season and looking forward to our hiking holidays in 2022 already, however, so are a lot of other people! I think that more people have recently understood the positivity of being out in nature and 2022 looks to be our busiest season ever.

We have some clients that booked with us pre pandemic, that are now able to travel again and are already booked up for a guided trek with us. We have others who have booked early to give themselves something to look forward to and ensure their preferred trek dates for 2022 are available.

All of this means that some of our pre-planned guided treks are already full.

Walking Holidays 2022 - Accommodation

With routes like the Tour du Mont Blanc, you need to remember that there is only a certain amount of accommodation that we feel is right for our clients after a long day walking in the mountains. And when it’s gone, well – it’s gone! Additionally, at certain Alpine Mountain passes and on hiking trails at high elevations, there are only a few refuges / mountain huts.

Each of our accommodation providers have successfully opened in 2020 and 2021, which means that they are adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. This affects guests on our walking holidays both positively, in that they can be assured their accommodation is doing everything to keep them safe, and negatively in that the guidelines allow for fewer visitors.

On the Walkers Haute Route

Walking Holidays – Choosing Your Route

We are offering bespoke, guided and self-guided treks in 2022 in the European mountains of Italy, France and Switzerland. We will also be guiding guests on the Annapurna hiking trail, in the heart of the Himalayas in Nepal.

In Europe, our walking holidays across the Alps and the Dolomites offer unique glimpses at the wonders of the mountains, their wildlife and traditions. Further afield, we offer a bespoke trek of the Annapurna circuit, high in the Nepalese mountains, giving clients first-hand experience of the culture and traditions of the Nepalese whilst enjoying the unforgettable landscapes the hiking trails of the Annapurna afford.

Each of our treks is designed to maximise the glory of the mountains, whilst offering a safe, thoughtful, and environmentally friendly walking holiday. We have listened to our clients over the years and have also learned from the pandemic, so we are confident we can provide you with your walking holiday of your dreams in 2022! Our offerings are varied to meet the needs of our clients, from difficult routes where you will need the highest level of fitness, to bespoke day-trekking holidays if you are potentially concerned about coronavirus, or your group has very different levels of capability. Talk to us about your hopes and concerns and we will help you find the right trek for you.

Trekking in the Dolomites

Walking Holidays 2022 – Fitness Levels

We talk a great deal about fitness levels because it is so important to understand that our walking holidays are NOT walks in the park! Trekking in the mountains means walking for extended periods, across varied terrain and through all different types of weather! You will also need to be able to carry your water and essentials even though you can opt to have your baggage transferred to each location.

Have a look at the information on our website dedicated to helping you understand how fit you need to be for each of our treks. However, we understand that due to the pandemic many people aren’t where they’d like to be in terms of fitness – don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we can create a walking holiday just for you and tailor each hike to your abilities.

Snow on the Walkers Haute Route

Walking Holidays 2022 – COVID-19

We don’t know what the future will hold (I think all of us learned that the hard way recently), but we do know that hiking in the mountains works on so many levels; you are outdoors in the fresh-air, you travel in small groups, your “bubble” can be with exactly who you want it to be, our accommodation and food providers are tried and tested successes at operating through difficult times and within strict guidelines.

We have successfully guided guests through the myriad of changing circumstances and travel requirements and we will continue to do so. We are urging our guests to feel safe with us – but also protect themselves from the unforeseen by choosing their own COVID-19 travel insurance that meets their needs and puts their minds at rest.

Once you are here, we know that we can safely guide your through your walking holiday.

Our motto has always been “carpe diem” and we thankfully do not feel the need to change this. Seize the day because life is too short to wait for tomorrow…

Classic Dolomites view on the Alta Via 1