Why? Because we care more about giving good service to all our clients and about the mountains that we make our living from, than we do about making money.

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t a charity and we definitely want to make money! However, we started this business 12 years ago from a love of the mountains in and around Mont Blanc. We understand how magical walking in the mountains can be and we strive to pass this on to our clients. On your trek with us, we hope to enrich your experience with every step, by sharing our passion and our expertise as International Mountain Leaders.

Therefore, we don’t want too many clients for us to manage effectively, or to put too much pressure on accommodations or our transport partners. And we do want to ensure that we work environmentally to keep the mountains an unspoilt, utterly awesome place to walk.

Before, during and after each walking holiday we strive to support both the needs and the ambitions of every individual who books with us, working with their personal challenges to ensure that all of our clients experience the best possible mountain walking holiday for them.

We are experts in our field and it’s important to us that all of our guides are based locally to the trek areas, so that they can give that little bit extra to the people on their walking holiday, whilst providing the safest pair of hands to care for their group when something unexpected happens. It’s also important that our guides are happy, supported and not overstretched.

This season is a sell-out and that is as far as we are prepared to take it…So apologies to those of you that are disappointed (we still have some “ready made” Tour Du Mont Blanc self-guided treks available) that you can’t book your trip with us this year. However, we promise that once you do get on a trek with us, you will be thanking us in the end because your walking holiday will mean as much to us as it does to you.

We love trekking, and we provide unforgettable experiences hiking in the mountains, working with you to create lifelong memories for you to take with you. So, apologies for those of you who can’t come in 2022 – however there is always 2023!