As one trekking season finishes, preparation for the next season is well underway. One important task for the team at Mont Blanc Treks is to reflect on the level of challenge in the portfolio of treks we offer. We also contacted some of our returning clients to canvas their opinion on physical and mental abilities needed.

We selected these five qualities and scored each trek accordingly:

Endurance: needed to complete our average daily itineraries for each trek. This took into account walking duration, intensity and length of ascents and descents;
Strength, Agility, Balance: both lower and upper body; for example, in a person of reasonable body composition to move with economy of effort, or carry a pack;
Robustness: Health and wellbeing needed for a person to meet the challenges associated with mountain days, bearing in mind perhaps the daily remoteness level of each trek;
Mental toughness: resilience needed to complete the day’s journey, sometimes in challenging or changing conditions for example weather or terrain;
Previous experience: for example, confidence in managing exposed or steeper sections, more remote accommodations, local foods.

Descent on day 2, Alta Via 1

This led us into a four-point trek grading scale (1-4, low to high). Bespoke day treks with flexible itineraries and a return to a base and are generally graded one (easy) and two (moderate). Our multi day journeys are graded three (difficult) or four(toughest) depending on their intensity, duration of each daily challenge and the trek’s level of remoteness. It’s important to remember that the level of challenge of each trek is quite personal, reflecting our physical and mental state, appropriate body composition, preparation and prior experience in mountain environments.

Do take some time to consider trek gradings and descriptions, see our designated page for further information: Trek Grading and also further information on fitness & preparation: Fitness and Preparation

The team at Mont Blanc Treks are always here to clarify and advise. We can also suggest how to best prepare physically and mentally for your trekking holiday. Do get in touch!