"This was the summer that was"

Well what a very strange year 2020 has been, despite this we have a lot to be thankful for... Our trails opened, we have had some fabulous weather and we enjoyed quieter experience on our fabulous routes. Yet above & beyond this, there was something else that was new.

So many things have been affected in our lives up until that point & when I finally had the freedom to get out on the trail, without restrictions, there seemed a certain clarity that I hadn’t noticed in previous years. The colours, smells, sounds, the geological forms. The way the landscape changed with our journey each day and also by the variations of light & shade from dawn to dusk.

Was it different than normal or was it just because my senses have become more heightened after so many weeks of lockdown?

A lasting memory for season 2020 was the splendid array of flora whilst out on the trail. It seemed more vibrant than ever before & untouched by the goings on in our human world. The images below speak for themselves.

So autumn is in the air, the trees are starting to change, snow level moves closer to the valley bottom with a nip in the air! We look forward to season 2021 in the hope that we will be able to share this wonderful environment once again with you all.

A bientôt!