What a wonderful bunch of people our Clients are!

We have been touched and inspired by you this season…

Hikers of America

Our wonderful, loyal Clients in America are still going through the toughest of times and yet you remain calm, considerate and optimistic – thankyou. It has been hard for us having to deal with so many people’s dreams being shattered, but you have helped us to stay positive and we are looking forward to welcoming you next year.

Hiking Australia & New Zealand

Many Australians and Kiwis knew early on that they wouldn’t be travelling this season but are still in touch with us to tell us that they are enjoying our updates. That they are travelling vicariously through us and cannot wait to hike with us next year – thankyou.

Hiking in Europe

And this season has shown us that the human spirit does not wither in the face of adversity – we adapt and change and move forwards!

We have welcomed more people from Europe than usual. Collectively, we spent months in isolation and then all the restrictions began easing at similar times. Therefore we collectively felt the same need to be free! Following this, we have noticed that younger travellers and families popup:yes who were thinking of long-haul destinations have decided instead to travel within guidelines. And we are thoroughly delighted to hear many comment along the lines that they don’t know why they hadn’t thought of doing this before!

New trekking Adventures

This has spurred us on into looking at more types of trekking adventures next year, so that we can accommodate people who want to trek for shorter holidays (as they haven’t had to travel as far). We are also creating more trekking holidays popup:yes for people who want to base themselves in one area, either to be more secure regarding accommodation or so that the entire family can come and only those who want to trek follow the itinerary we create.

These holidays will open up trekking to people who haven’t yet attained the fitness levels needed for the Tour of Mont Blanc or the high mountain trekking from Chamonix to Zermatt. You will now be able to train for future trekking holidays by taking day treks from either Chamonix or Courmayeur.

UK Trekkers

Our next trek has people from the UK that are aware of the new quarantine rules imposed this weekend and are prepared to follow them once they return home. Bravo! They are retired and they have weighed up the options carefully. In doing so they are about to enjoy a fabulous holiday outdoors, in the open fresh mountain air before basing themselves at home for 2 weeks. The alternative in their eyes, was to simply stay at home for 2 weeks as they are already responsibly screening!

So thankyou to everyone in our global family. Times are still very challenging, and we have lived through unprecedented change, fear and sadness. But I guess the key take-away we get from working with you is that its imperative to dream whilst we cannot travel and to seize the day when we can!