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Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

Experience the Tour du Mont Blanc with our UIMLA Guides

We are qualified professionals who have a high level of competence, knowledge, skills and abilities needed for leading groups on multi day treks in the middle mountains. Our guided Tour du Mont Blanc treks are led by qualified a UIMLA mountain professionals. They will guide you throughout your trek and ensure your safety at all times as well as offering you a wealth of information regarding the flora, fauna and history of the area along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Why Book a Guided Tour du Mont Blanc Trek?

It very much depends on what kind of experience you are after. If you enjoy walking in the mountains but don't what the added stress of the daily organisation, kit decisions, route finding and navigation then let the guide do all the work.

Once you have signed up for your preferred trek - the full circuit, the westerly circuit or the easterly circuit - you need to prepare physically for the experience so you arrive ready for the challenge, see further information on: Trek grades and Fitness Preparation. Once you are here you can then relax and enjoy the hassle free experience by being guided through this impressive environment.

We will meet you on the first night at the hotel in Chamonix for the Tour du Mont Blanc trek briefing where you will have chance to meet the guide and the group. All essential information will be given beforehand and the trek briefing will enable everyone to be fully informed before they start the Tour du Mont Blanc.

During the trek the leader will guide you through this stunning environment and at the same time look after your welfare and give you an abundance of information about the area.

To compare the experience take a look at our Self Guided Tour du Mont Blanc page or contact us to discuss this further so you can make an informed choice before you book your trek.

What Will the Guide Provide?

The trekking guide will have extensive knowledge of the Tour du Mont Blanc and will be able to guide you whatever the weather. In poor visibility the trails can be difficult and having someone with you who knows the area can be invaluable.

The trekking guide will not only ensure your safety but they also offer a wealth of knowledge about the environment. Find out more about the flora, fauna, geology and history of the area you will be trekking through.

Mountain Leaders with Experience

Mont Blanc Trek Guides

We use very experienced fully qualified Mountain Leaders who live and work in the Alps all year round. We feel this is such an important element of your holiday that it is essential to get the right people for the job.

This is why we are very pleased that Joy O'Flanagan, Alison Culshaw, Gary Hodgson, Alex Langdon, Kelvyn James, Victoria Chelton, Paul Colley-Davis and Sara Wild will be guiding with Mont Blanc Treks in 2018.

UIMLA Qualification

The Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA) (UIMLA) was founded in November 2004 and is an internationally recognised qualification that sets standards for mountain leaders all over the world.

The UIMLA International Mountain Leader and the IFMGA Mountain Guide are the only internationally recognised qualifications for those leading groups in the mountains.

Mountain Leader Associations

Mont Blanc Treks are affiliated to SNAM & BAIML the French & English Mountain Leader Association who are full members of the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA). They look after the professional interests of International Mountain Leaders in Europe & around the world.

Find out more about UIMLA, BAIML & SNAM by visiting their websites.

UIMLA popup:true: Union of International Mountain Leader Associations

BAIML popup:true: British Association of International Mountain Leaders

SNAM popup:true: Accompagnateur en Montagne European

Nos Formules de Trekking


  • 12 nuits, 10 jours de randonnée
  • Randonnée avec un guide de l’UIMLA
  • 165km de parcours classique à travers la France, l'Italie et la Suisse
  • Parcours complet du Massif du Mont Blanc
  • Hébergement de bonne qualité
  • Transfert de bagages inclus
  • Journée de repos à Courmayeur
  • Randonnée dans l'ombre de la plus haute montagne d'Europe
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  • 6 nuits, 4 jours de randonnée
  • Randonnée avec un guide de l’UIMLA
  • 65km partie ouest
  • Chamonix jusqu’à Courmayeur
  • Hébergement de bonne qualité
  • 1 journée pour découvrir Courmayeur et Chamonix
  • Transfert de bagages inclus
  • Vues de la montagne à couper le souffle et jolis villages alpins
  • Ajoutez des jours supplémentaires
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  • 7 nuits, 6 jours de randonnée
  • Randonnée avec un guide de l’UIMLA
  • 100 km de randonnée à travers la partie est du Mont Blanc traversant l'Italie, la Suisse et la France
  • Chamonix jusqu’à Courmayeur
  • Transfert de bagages inclus
  • Hébergement de bonne qualité
  • Flore et faune alpines spectaculaires
  • Époustouflant paysage alpin
  • Ajoutez des jours supplémentaires à Courmayeur ou Chamonix si nécessaire
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